Santé Barley MLM Review:Can you Earn Money By Selling Santé Barley?

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Santé Barley MLM Review

Santé Barley is a successful MLM company and the fastest-growing distribution and direct selling company not only here in the Philippines but all over the world as well. For the past 13 years, the company is continuing its services and delivers an organic health and wellness product not only for the Filipinos but all over the world. For whosoever wants to make extra income by becoming a partner with the company, it’s very simple. In this Sante Barley MLM Review, I’ll give you a look at how you will be able to earn extra income.

What is Santé Barley MLM?

Santé Barley International was founded by Mark Ferronco from the Philippines. The Business address of Santé Barley International is at Pasig City Metro Manila Philippines. Sante Barley Manufactures Health and wellness all organic product and the main source of the raw materials are from New Zealand. Base on the company’s history, In 2007, the year the Santé Barley brand was born, our team learned about the powerful properties of barley grass. The US Food and Drug Administration in a rare move allowed manufacturers of barley-based products to make a claim that their offerings may help reduce the risk of heart disease.  During this period, barley-based products had yet to fully penetrate the Philippine market. In no time, our product development team researched the wholesome goodness of barley grass. Assured of barley grass’s powerful properties and proven health benefits, we decided to develop a comprehensive selection of every day barley-based products.

What is Sante Barley?


Barley is a member of the grass family. It is a self-pollinating, diploid species with 14 chromosomes. The wild ancestor of domesticated barley, Hordeum vulgare subsp. spontaneum, is abundant in grasslands and woodlands throughout the Fertile Crescent area of Western Asia and northeast Africa and is abundant in disturbed habitats, roadsides, and orchards. Outside this region, the wild barley is less common and is usually found in disturbed habitats. However, in a study of genome-wide diversity markers, Tibet was found to be an additional center of domestication of cultivated barley.


Santé Pure Barley is a pure organic barley grass powdered drink. Blended with one of nature’s most potent sweeteners, Stevia, this product is best taken before meals. Santé Pure Barley easily dissolves
in water.  When drinking, add more or less water to suit your taste and then stir well. With the 3-gram nutrient-packed powdered juice, you have that perfect organic drink to complete your balanced diet. It has been said that young barley grass is considered to be high in fiber and rich in essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

Is Sante Barley Worth the Price?

What is good with Sante Barley Products, they are all organic and natural, aside from that it is highly nutritious to a human. If you are the person that aims to maintain your health through food supplements, Sante Barley worth the price.  The Research said that this organic young barley grass was used by the olden folks as part of their diets.

Research suggests that there are 9 nutritional benefits as part of human diets. The good news is if you want to lose weight, you can consider Sante Barley as part of your diets. Sante Baley is rich in vitamins and beneficial nutrients since barley is high in fiber so it will improve your digestive system. Second is it will reduce hunger, so every time you drink a glass of Sante barley, you will be full so you will lose weight this is due to the fiber content since it has beta-glucan which is believed to be helpful. Third, Baley is high in insoluble and soluble fiber that helps food move through your stomach and helps the good bacteria inside your intestine which also essential for healthy digestion. Fourth Prevent forming gallstone.

According to research the fiver that is found in barley will help prevent the formation of gallstone, so this will keep you away from gallstone surgery. Fifth, due to the content of beta-glucan, this will help you reduce the risk of high cholesterol. Sixth, nutrition expert suggests that adding Barley to your diet will help you lessen the risk of a heart attack. Once your bad cholesterol LDL level is low so you have a better health status. Seventh, Helps prevents the risk of diabetes. Since Sante Barley has magnesium content, the will helps you combat against the risk of diabetes. Eight prevents colon Cancer. Barley has high fiber content so this is a very good friend of your small intestine. Health expert suggests, it’s better to include Sante Barley to your diet for colon cancer prevention. And the last essential benefits is, Sante Baley is cheap, so you can easily purchase them and add them to your daily diet.

Sante Barley Opportunity

Once you sign up as Sante Barley member, you only have to purchase 1 starter pack that will cost you $90.00 or if you opt to choose a bigger package like you choose their ultimate package, it will only cost you $1,750.00 for 30 boxes of Sante barley, 10 boxes of Sante Barley Pure New Zealand, 9 canisters, 9 Bottles, 20 boxes Sante fusion, 20 boxes Sante barley choco barley 20 boxes C’estbon, discount coupon, activation Card, 5 sets Flipchart, 15 activated accounts plus 34 CDA, 15 infinity Points and automatic Franchisee. In this case, you will be able to build your own business in your place. Your Opportunity as Sante Barley member will be huge, but since this is a direct selling company, your commission as member will be based on your sales and how many people you refer to the business.


How Much do it Cost to Join Sante Barley?


Again, your entry as a new member will be based on the package you purchase the moment you join Sante Barley International. For a Starter Pack, you have to pay $90.00 for 1 Package and if you want to become Franchisee, you have the option to purchase the $1,750.00 package, of which you have huge opportunity especially if you have lots of members under your organization.

Can You Make Money With Sante Barley?

First and foremost, once you purchase your package with Sante Barley Product, you will automatically avail the big discount up to 35% up to 50% lifetime on all Sante Barley Product. This is good news. And many more, you will earn $.60 for your Builders Pack, $1.40 for Extreme Pack, and $3.00 for Ultimate package under your personal sponsorship. Plus you will earn 10% for the 1st level, 15% for the second level, and 5% for the 3rd to 5th level. Is this possible? Yes, this is possible if you set a high goal on your team. But remember, This is a direct selling or MLM company. All your effort will be nicely paid if you build a large team under your organization. This is a number game. The more people you refer to your business the more earnings you will get.

The more people you can share with your Sante Barley Business and convert them as your down lines and users, the more money you can make. The other way to earn even more money is by recruiting people to join your team and sell products. You will earn commissions from any sales made by your team. This is how MLMs work.

Advantages of Sante Barley

The good thing for Sante Barley is, the product is very highly nutritious consumable, and most of all, low capitalization. And, so far, I have observed that Sante Barley offers Insurance to their member. Another advantage is, easy to sell and easy to share.

FDA approved, and Biogro New Zealand and Certified Halal

Sell the Product all over the World.

As a distributor, you have unlimited customers, you can sell your product all over the world and without hard selling because the product exists a century ago. What you need to do is have a friend at least one all over the world and your product will move.


Difficult to target specific customer

Lot’s of competitors with the same and identical products. Not yet known globally as the Brand Name Sante Barley.

Is Sante Barley Legit?

Base on the fact, sante barley has passed through the age of maturity when it comes to the lifespan of binary and MLM business. This MLM company appears to be a very legit business based on the track record of the company. The product is good and is all organic, and other ingredients are all-natural, so this Sante Barley is a product that is very good for human consumption. Even though Sante Barley seems to be a very good business partner to invest your money, you still have to find people to share the product so that you can earn the desired income you want. The more time and effort you put on to your business. The more success you will attain.

Final Thought

This product is not totally a substitute for your doctor’s prescription. So, never make Sante Barley as part of your substitute medicine especially when you have a medical problem. The good thing with this product is, it is approved by the FDA. the good thing about Sante barley is the main ingredients are all organic and all-natural. And it is not harmful to your health. All you have to do as a distributor, you have to double your time, don’t wait for your customer to come to you and ask to buy your product. You have to get out of your home and find customers.

If you are tired of making money in this type of business, this might interest you. I hope that you already accept the fact that if you don’t find a customer, you will not also earn income. If you really want to earn another way of earning passive income, check out my #1 recommendation on how to build a business.  You’ll learn everything you need to know about setting up a business. You get a website, hosting, training, 24/7 support and some pretty awesome tools.

Sante Barley

Sante Barley MLM $90.00

Customers Review 9/10 satisfaction

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