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N95 Protective Mask
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We are living in a world that is full of stripes and mysteries, everywhere we go whether, in public places crowded with people, we are unsure, and most of all, we don’t know how safe we are. The world is facing a global pandemic. We are afraid to go to places that have a lot of people or people whom we don’t know.

And even worst, we are already scared to come out of our home if our activities outside our home are not important. But despite what the world is facing right now, there are still people who do not take this global problem as a life-threatening problem. But how sure and safety they are? and how sure and safety also are we? do we wear the proper personal protective devices? are we sure of what we are wearing can protect us from the deadly viruses that threaten the lives of all human beings around the world?

In this world we are living, we can no longer find a secure place, everywhere we go, our lives in always in danger situation. for this reason, we individuals, we are responsible for our safety. We are no longer living in a brand new world, we are living in a dying world, this pandemic we are facing today, proves that our mother earth is no longer a safe place to live. In this N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks Review, we will be looking at the benefits and how protected you are when you use this PPE in present time, I am certain, that no only this time, from now on, the face mask will become a necessity for human.

What are N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks?

This N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks are one of the examples of many face mask we can see around us. This mask is labeled by the WHO as one of the personal protective devices used for surgery or as respiratory protective equipment. According to the World Health Department.

N95 respirators and surgical masks (face masks) are examples of personal protective equipment that are used to protect the wearer from airborne particles and liquid contaminating the face. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also regulate N95 respirators. It is important to recognize that the optimal way to prevent airborne transmission is to use a combination of interventions from across the hierarchy of controls, not just PPE alone.

How Safe We are When We Use N95 Face Mask?

it is always a number one concern, how safe we are when using this kind of personal protective devices? As a health worker, I am sure that the moment I will wear N95 Face Mask, I am protected by the viruses when we use an ordinary surgical face mask, we are not guaranteed safety. This does not provide the wearer with a reliable from inhaling small airborne viruses such as coronavirus, or any health threat viruses. While N95, this mask filters out at least 95% of airborne particles including large and small particles.

We are sure of protection from N95, but again the best thing to avoid such kind for viruses is a proper precaution, we have to isolate ourselves as much a possible from the crowded places. When also using N95, ideally should be discarded after each patient encounter and after aerosol-generating procedures. It should also be discarded when it becomes damaged or deformed; no longer forms an effective seal to the face; becomes wet or visibly dirty; breathing becomes difficult; or if it becomes contaminated with blood, respiratory or nasal secretions, or other bodily fluids from patients and the contaminations we get from the outside world.

How to control this Corona Virus?

Again, the only way to avoid acquiring this deadly coronavirus disease is to wear proper personal hygiene, like hand washing and other personal hygiene.  We are always advised by the health expert to put off our footwear when entering the house, for the reason that, we don’t know where we came from, what kind of place we go.  We do not know and see what type of virus we carry home.  So, it is very important to leave outside or if this is very impossible for you to practice, we have to decontaminate the things we use before entering the home.

If it’s possible, take a shower after coming from work, or after coming from the market places or the moment that you exposed yourself from other people around your community.  In this way, we already help stop spreading the virus.  Remember, prevention is better than sorry later.

I know that these practices are very hard to practice especially when you are living in cold places like the United States, Spain, Europe, Canada and any other places that are covered with ice during winter.  but, if it is necessary? do it. that’s for your protection.

Are None Medical People Allowed to Use N95 Face Mask?

If I will be asked, we should wear this kind of mask especially the present situation.  but, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend that the general public wear N95 respirators to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including coronavirus (COVID-19). Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for health care
workers and other medical first responders, as recommended by current CDC guidance.  That is the real situation in today’s world, We in the hospital, we are having a hard time looking for enough supply of N95 for our Doctors and Nurses, the fact that all Shipments from China was held due to the present situation, suppliers of medical supplies buy N95 mask mostly from China.

So, as much as possible, if we can find ways and even make our face mask for temporary protection, we have to do it. because that’s the only way we can help also safe the lives of our health workers.  As a matter of fact, in China, there are 14 Italy, 73 doctors died due to this pandemic.  and as of this writing, there is a total of 2,240,191 total cases, 568,343 recovered, and the sad news, 153,822 died due to this virus.

We don’t know who will be the next victim of this unseen enemy.  But if we practice proper precautions, we will save more lives and stop spread this virus.

We are encouraged by the health department to make our face shield and face mask.  and there are many available supplies we can use as PPE’s like old cloth, we can make this as a face mask, although we are not protected like what N95 do, at least, we help stop spreading the disease.

Is N95 Worth The Price?

I will tell you straight in your face, that N95 Mask worth the price.  If you are considering the price today, for each of the n95 you order, that will cost you $12 including the shipping fee depending on the supplier.  What is $12 compared to your hospital bill that usually reaches the amount of $80,000.00 for 1-month hospitalization?  I know that is is very difficult when you are admitted alone in the isolation room of the hospital, you will deteriorate for many reasons, first, you are alone in the room your loved ones cannot visit you anytime as long as you are infected.

Another hustle, when you are exposed and infected by the virus, you will be isolated for 14 days alone in your room, deprive of roaming around and separated from people around you.  If you are willing to exchange $12 from your safety and the very high hospital bill plus slim chances of survival, although most of the infected person recovered, for me I won’t exchange my safety to $12. Does it worth the Price? it is worthy.

Depending on your locality, but in our Place, N95 will cost you $5.78 per piece.  You can save if you will purchase the product direct to your Authorized Medical Suppliers.  Usually, you have had it by bulk.  Let us consider the fact that in our locale drug stores you seldom find N95 Surgical Mask.  In the United States of America, it already has no available N95 Mask.

Considering that this is a Rich country and also greatly affected by the coronavirus.  Friend your talent as tailor if you know how to sew, will be useful this time.  It is your time to produce a cloth face mask.

The N95 Opportunity

The only opportunity for your N95 Surgical Face Mask is that you are protected 24 hours up to 7 days to 8 days of using your N95.  Health expert suggests that we have to follow the correct and standard usage of the product, but in today’s time that the supply is very low, I guess as long as we can still use and the N95 is not yet deformed or contaminated as based on your usage.  We can reuse them but if you don’t want to compromise your health better follow the health experts and the manufacturer’s users manual so that we will be protected properly.

Another opportunity you can get from N95 Surgical face mask is, if you have enough cash and extra money and you have the big heart to help others especially the front liners, you can donate, you can purchase from it from the link provided, (N95 Surgical Face Mask) you will be directly linked to the supplier.  Who knows by helping this frontline in your locality you help them save their lives.

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Advantages When Using N95 Surgical Mask

I have been thought, that when using the N95 surgical mask, you are protected 95% from the viruses and germs, protection from any respiratory illness, Research suggests that it is very important to use this PPE in today’s time, but with proper precaution. although we are not 100% protected from the deadly disease, at least we stop spreading the virus.

Disadvantages When Using N95 Surgical Mask

Very limited supplies, No available stock, hard to find, non-health workers are prohibited to use this kind of personal protection.

Today, if you look for an N95 surgical mask in the department stores or medical supplies store, it is seldom for you to find one.  So if you are planning to buy them, do not expect to have them so that you will not be disappointed.  Other disadvantages are, the supplies of N95 are controlled by the Health Department, health institution and other health agencies.


The shortage of N95 surgical mask supply is a worldwide threat.  Even manufacturers can not meet the demands of the public.  And the government are having a hard time to look for other alternatives, the solution to this present problem we are facing globally.  Although the manufacturer’s N95 such as 3M are facing criticism from the world leaders, I know that they are making their best to meet the demand of the world.

Citizens of your country, let us help control to spread the deadly virus by staying inside our homes this is the only way we can help as of the moment.  If we keep going out, we are just helping to spread the virus every day, but if we will allow ourselves to listen to the authorities, this global problem will soon end.  Surgical face mask and other mask is nowhere to find in our local medical store.  Our share is to help manufacture alternative face masks like sewing our own do it yourself facial mask.

In this way, we and our family are protected from the COVID 19 that is spreading worldwide daily.  Let us love our front liners, let us love our family, let us love ourselves, and most of all, let us help stop the spread of the virus by wearing our N95 surgical face mask.  If you want to work for yourself, check out my#1 recommendation on how to build a business. You’ll
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