Making Money With Your Website Review

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You won’t believe it when I tell you that you will earn money with your website. There are several factors that you won’t believe and the number 1 reason is that, you were scammed, some promoters online are so full of very good and convincing words yet, at the end of the day, after they got your signing fee, they can never be found in the world of internet. Friend, I also felt that feeling. I was once scammed, but it is in my inner desire to have passive income on the internet. I also did not believe that some guys earn a lot of millions in the internet business, due to the reason that, how in the world these guys brag that they earn money for, in fact, the transactions be not personal? How can they make that money? That was my question 10 years ago. And to tell you honestly, I just believe after ten-years.

Earning money be not easy, like me as an ordinary working guy I have to work for 8 hours a day, wake up early in the morning, to prepare for work. This is a repeated cycle daily for me to earn $420.00 dollars a month, fewer taxes and expenses so I can only have a take-home pay of about $96 dollars every 15th of the month. Now, you will go to ask me is that true? Yes! that’s true. And your next question is, why you still stay in your company if you earn only that much? My answer is like yours. I can’t find a better and high paying job for me.

I am not narrating this reality for you to have petty on me, I am presenting to you the real fact that even how small the amount we bring to our family, we still get up every morning to go to work because we love our family. I love my family so much they are my inspiration that is why I wake up every day and go to work even though I have a little monthly income.

Earn Money Working at Home?

I read a lot of reviews and blogs regarding this post working money from home, You will earn money while at home and etc, as I’ve told you earlier, that ten years ago I also doubted that words Earn Money Working At Home, and you know what? The more I doubt the more other affiliate person gets richer. I can’t blame you for that if that’s the case, but friends, yes you, the one reading this post. I am talking to you based on my experience and our experience that working from home even you will just spend 3-4 hours a week, that’s a guarantee that you will earn money online.

There are many ways how to earn money online, you can go to google and search for the word how to earn money working at home, Google will give you thousands of articles including mine that tells you, there is money on the internet. To give you some ideas, every day, close to 7-9 billion people go to the internet every day, to buy, or even looking for an opportunity so that they can earn money online.

And the good news is, these people spend billions of dollars, to buy items and other products online. In this case, you can leverage from these people if you join the industry. How? very simple build your website, there are hundreds if not a thousand of website providers that will help you make your own website and start your own business. You want me to help you, I can do that.

If you are familiar with Amazon, Google Adsense, eBay, Clickbank, Alibaba, Lazada and many more, these are the online stores that you can be a part of the team. you can sign in as amazon affiliate, and so as with others and earn 4-10 percent commission as affiliate marketing.

The good thing with this kind of business is that you don’t need to have a physical store that you have to build and hire personnel to run your business. Like affiliate marketing, you don’t need to do that, what you have to do is, to build a website and become a blogger. After that, promote a product that you really love, once the buyer online clicks that product that you are promoting, instantly after the customer pays, you will earn a commission.

Earning an income online is as easy as that. You don’t need to have a headache before earning income. You are the boss of your won business, and since you are the boss, you hold your time and you the in control of it. Just by spending 2-3 hours daily making reviews of the product, you want to promote that’s enough for you to earn money online, how much more when you make this business full time? You will then the richest man on earth like Jeff Bezos. How did he start his fortune? He makes amazon and e-commerce business like that one I am explaining to you. “When Bezos had his idea for “the everything store,” his well-intentioned friends and family tried to talk him out of quitting his “stable job” in finance. Yet Bezos, raised by his teen mom and later his Cuban immigrant stepfather, always dreamed of creating something different, once telling his school teacher that “the future of mankind be not on this planet.” Bezos even has a website,, that provides a rundown of 20 or so of his major investments and charitable donations. The name “expeditions” is appropriate since Bezos’ investments are not concentrated in just one or two industries or even market sectors; rather, they represent a far-flung exploration of many business areas and ideas, including media, virtual reality, cloud computing, and homespun arts and crafts”.

Is this proof enough for you to be convinced that you will earn money online? I hope so to add more, I know you know the founder of Alibaba, that is Jack Ma. And look at him today, earning billions of dollars because of this concept. It’s not yet too late to start our fortune here in the internet world. All we need to do is, Believe in your dreams and have faith. I know you have the qualities, you have the desire to become rich and give what your families needs and wants. That’s the only purpose why we are on this earth.

How Much Money I can earn With My Website

I have mentioned a while ago that Jeff Bezos Amazon boasted of $142 billion in sales in FY 2018. I’m not trying to say that you will also earn this much if you will go into an online business, what I’m trying to drive out is that, what if you will just take .01 percent of his sales is that not a huge amount of income or money? I guess so because 1% of that is 1,420,000.000.00 or let us say 1% of that is 14,200,000.00 and if you think that is still too big, even earning $1,000.00 monthly income like affiliate marketing you will be very happy to that income. What if your website becomes popular like Alibaba, Amazon and other top online stores, you will not only get that much. You will be richer than your co-worker if you are a working mother or a father like me.

As I have said, earning income in the internet world depends on how well-built your website. I keep on telling this, and other internet guys, in order to build a skyscraper building you need to build a very solid foundation. I know people will laugh at us when we are in the internet business. That’s the fact, but don’t worry all the top earners in this business are all ordinary guys. Remember Mark Zuckerberg, He was just an ordinary college guy with a big ambition. Look at him now?

In this business, speed is the key, the early your build your website, the earlier you will earn income. Prove me wrong if what I told you to be not true. I know a lot of affiliate guys like Pat Flynn, Kyle, Carson and other guys who are now building a fortune with the internet business. You can do that too slowly. Remember that, there is no shortcut for success.

How Not To Get Scammed Online

We know that there is an opportunist around us every day, there are people whose way of life is taking advantage of the weakness of others. We cannot deny that fact. In the internet business, this also exists, but be vigilant, and know what is a fake or genuine affiliate marketing program. If I have the chance to help you and recommend to you what is the best affiliate program, I can always recommend 100% legit is Wealthy Affiliate. This affiliate program helps a lot of people around the world providing from scratch to finished assistance in building your website. Why I still you that? Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I am using today.

You can find many other affiliate websites that offer a very good promise but, I am not so sure if these promises are all fulfilled. Honestly, Wealthy Affiliate is not on the top ten based on what other bloggers present, but for me, I can always put wealthy affiliate on the top of the line.

Now, what is the best way not to get scammed online? first of all, you have to see to it, that the program that you are joining is really real. As much as possible, read all the reviews of that affiliate site you are joining. But the problem is, in the world of the internet, it is very hard to tell what is genuine and what is fake.

To give you background with Wealthy affiliate, WA has more than 1 million members and all of these guys earning pretty passive income. I for one was part of this team, with a wealthy affiliate I can guarantee that the members here are all honest and all very generous to help you if you have a problem with your website. We also have a 24/7 helpline and technical team that will instantly help you if you have a problem with setting up your website.

As I have said, from start to finish, you will be guided accordingly with Kyle the Founder and Carson who offer their valuable time in helping those in need of their expertise. We also have Weekly Webinar, all of your questions regarding your website will be answered. This proves that wealthy affiliate does not scam.

Passive Income With Affiliate

Depending on how much time you put on working on your website. The answer to this question depends on your time spend in beautifying your website. As I have said earlier, in order to make a good income you have to choose a very good “NICHE” you will wonder why what is a niche? this means a distinct segment of a market. Or your identity, trademark in other terms that when your say biggest online store you can always associate it to amazon.

To put these things understood, your work as an affiliate marketer is to guide people where to buy and where to get the product online they are looking for. Or in short Affiliate Marketing Defined In simple terms, affiliate marketing means selling goods and services from another person or company. It is like a referral service. You set up a website or blog and join affiliate programs that are relevant to your audience. You can connect to these programs through affiliate networks, which provide you with a link that you include on your site. When someone clicks the link and buys the product, you get a portion of the sale as a commission.

By Promoting a product like a smartphone, fashion wear, or anything under the sun, name it and you will have it. As explained above if people click the product you are promoting, like shall we say (Join Wealthy Affiliate Now, Earn Big discount on your yearly membership). If people will click this link, or if you will click this link wealthy affiliate will pay me 48% as my commission by promoting wealthy affiliate to you.

Earning income like affiliate marketing is as easy as that. Remember, there are 8 billion people, go into the internet daily just to find opportunities. What if they luckily pick your website. Amazon will pay you, eBay will pay you and wealthy affiliate will pay you.

6 figure income, is easy as eating peanut if you have already the authority in with your website, the more you make product review, the more post you make the more google will rank you on the number 1 spot of the search engine. And this means, more chances of earning if you are on the top of the SEO. Don’t worry, you will understand all I have put in here once you will have your website.

Are you ready to have your own website now? just simply click this link Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is on promotion right now, if you will click that link above you can avail of the big discount. You have different choices, you either join as starter member by clicking this link Free wealthy affiliate membership or a premium member.

You can select which one you want to join, you have all the freedom, but remember, if you will not take action today, you will still be the same person tomorrow, if you will not take the risk you will never improve, remember billionaires are risk-takers if you are given $84,600.00 today, would you be very happy? Guys with this amount, you can buy all that you need. But what I am presenting to you this 84,600 is your time. You will waste this time today, you can never get that back tomorrow. Tomorrow is another time


What I have present above is all possibilities, if you will join wealthy affiliate today, you will have all the passive income you need for your family tomorrow. You choose to spend your $84,600.00 time today, you can never recover that amount tomorrow. Instead, you will be given another time to think and another time to contemplate.

Today is the right time to take action. Remember again, speed is the key. I hope I helped you open your mind on what things to prioritized today if you love yourself, family and future, take action today. You will be lost anything except for your time. Remember, time is money, so don’t waste your time just planning and thinking. Put that into action. Thank you so much for reading this post. You have some comments and suggestions about how to Money with your Website? feel free to write them below.

I will be very happy to read all your corrections suggestions and most of all, you don’t need to be a skilled writer to start earning money online. Just pour out your feeling, write what is best that convince people.

Click the picture to join Wealthy Affiliate.


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