How Much Can You Make From Affiliate Marketing?

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Easy Ways To Earn Money at Home

The great writer Robert Kyosaki once said, “We are trained to become a very good employee to others business”. I was once told by my parents to please go to school, study hard because we don’t have a property to give you in the future. It always flashes back to my mind what my mother told me to study hard.

According to Leigh Buchanan A new report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), sponsored by Babson College and Baruch College, finds that 27 million working-age Americans–nearly 14 percent–are starting or running new businesses. That’s a record high for this study, now in its 16th year. And it’s an impressive showing for a developed economy, where finding work with an employer is easier and capturing market share harder than in less-developed nations.

This is a fact! more people would likely go find work to feed their tummy and work even overtime just to get an extra amount of cash for them to have enough dollars for themselves. And we cannot deny the fact that most of us prefer to work than to start our own business. Where is the notion coming from? this was coming from our great grandparents who encourage us to go to school to earn very good grades so that someday, it will not be very hard for us to find a job.

Most of the People go to Business Fails

According to one of our lecturer when I attended a business conference in Taiwan in the person of David Tan the former owner Crocodile Garments. He said that, 90% percent of the people who start there business fails. What is the reason behind this? why do people engage in business fail most of them? back to the wisdom of Robert Kyosaki, We were not educated by our parents how to do business.

Based on the research it shows that policymakers give less importance to this opportunity. What they give more importance is that they encourage every citizen to go and find a job. (Journey of the Broke) that was what they called it. I have my own analysis in this fact, for the reason that if we all citizens of the country have jobs. We can give more taxes to the country and it’s a very good income generating. Have you observed how many taxes the government takes from your payslip? I guess not, but mostly, 35% of your income go to taxes. That is why I never find a person or an employee retired became a millionaire.

Guys, it is not yet too late if you start your own business. The owner of KFC starts his business at the age of 60 plus, and many others start their business at an old age. We are all born with qualities, we can always start a new beginning, we can always start to have our own empire. But this needs a very solid foundation and it needs perseverance. Why do people end up broke? it is because they did don’t have a solid foundation running their business. You are now trying to ask me what business should I start? If you have big capital, you can start creating your corporation. But what I am talking here is you, I know you hate to wake up early in the morning and rush going to your office.

Life in the Fast Lane

I am for one was a trap to this kind of rat race every day. I know that you want to spend more time with your family, more time going on vacation and most of all live a life that is free of debt. I know what is the life of an employee because I myself is like you. For you like me, how will I start my business? I don’t have enough capital? well, forget the capital. When you go on the internet you can search millions of articles that talk about how to start my business without capital?

I am not putting poison into your mind, you have the free will to choose which of the affiliate marketing site to pick up. there are a hundred if not thousands of affiliate company that offers a very good payout. Amazon, eBay, click funnel, Lazada, Alibaba, Clickbank, and many others.

This affiliate company has different types of commissions. But remember, in order for you to build a very solid business you have to search and research also an affiliate marketing business that has a solid and supportive community. Take note that there are numbers of affiliate company that is only interested in your sign up fee.

If you have to ask me what recommendations I have to give you. I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Why? aside from being friendly, you have a thousand of support coming from the very successful affiliate members. Don’t worry, you have choices, either you will start as a starter member or premium member. However, there is a big difference when you are a starter member, you have limited access to the website’s training, but don’t worry, you can still access the platform, you can still start working your website if you want to. If you want to become a premium member, you have all the privilege to access the 24/4 support from Wealthy Affiliate.

What Do I Expect?

if you decide to become a premium member, you have the full access of the training, from scratch to finish you will be guided because, at Wealthy Affiliate, we have all the necessary tools in building your website, from choosing your niche to running your own web page.

When you are a premium member, you can access the live training from Kyle and Carson including the most successful person in the community that is very willing to assist you to run your website.


Can You Really Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

we’ve been talking about affiliate marketing yet to some they don’t know what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a form of self-employment that has low initial overhead and doesn’t require a person to produce, stock, or ship product inventory.

there is a great difference when we compare affiliate marketing to a physical store. When you have a store, you need to have big land and building to set up your store. Aside from that, you need employees and inventories for you to run the business. While affiliate marketing is a logical and flexible sales model that creates multiple income streams. However, it is not an easy, get-rich-quick model of income.

Depending on your niche, there are niches that generate income in just one day, week, month. Some, it takes one year before they can generate income. So, I have to warn you to please, from this time on, look for a niche that is close to your heart. What is the reason behind? so that you will not regret.

Earning Income From Affiliate Marketing Needs

  • Research into products, web traffic patterns, and follower interests
  • Consistent engagement with the products and brand networks that you choose to endorse
  • Hours of maintaining a relationship with the readers or followers who purchase products through your affiliate links
  • Understanding and using search engine optimization and social media marketing to consistently attract new followers and generate additional income

As an affiliate marketer, you have to be very kin in understanding your audiences, if your target is gadgets, then you have to be very knowledgeable about gadgets. Getting the interest of your audience is very vital. another point to remember is having an authority. Keep in mind that you are the person that guides your buyer or visitor what to buy and where to buy and most of all, give importance to the experience of your visitors. Once your visitors like your blog or reviews they will keep on returning to your website and even refer others to visit too your site.

Affiliate marketing is a viable income option, but it does not work for every business. Making an income through affiliate marketing requires dedication and commitment over a long period.

Master the Art of Selling

It is very important if you know well the product you are selling, why some people did not succeed in the internet business as an affiliate marketer? this is due to the fact that they don’t know what they are selling. For you to generate a very good income you have to master everything. But, don’t worry about that, here at Wealthy Affiliate, we offer everything, all the tutorials and making your business run.

This is what I like Wealthy Affiliate, you are given every little detail so that you can start running your website. I don’t see this from another Affiliate website. But here at wealthy affiliate, as what I have said all you need is here. What you need to do is just hit Wealthy Affiliate and create your own web page so that you will understand all that I am talking about.

Dedication is the key, for us to generate income and generate a sale, we have to be very convincing when it comes to selling our product. there are tons of products you can promote in the market. Billions of people go to the internet to search for the product they want to buy. What if that guy found your website and click the buy button because she likes your review or blog, then there. You got your first sale.

You can promote everything around you from kitchenware, hardware, software, anything under the sun even a very simple hanger can give you 6 digit income monthly. that’s the power of affiliate marketing. You can sell everything under the sun. From books to clothes even to outer space.

Proof That you will Earn From Wealthy Affiliate

When I plan to sign up wealthy Affiliate, it took me how many weeks to decide. It’s really hard to trust again another program because due to the fact that, there are many internet businesses and affiliate marketing that promise a very nice commission once you join in there program. That was the reason why I did not sign up immediately with a wealthy affiliate. What I did was, I keep researching regarding wealthy affiliate. I gather a lot of information that proves that I will really earn with a wealthy affiliate program. It took me more or less 5 weeks to ponder upon, then finally I was able to upgrade to premium account with wealthy affiliate.

This is normal, we have to be sure that the money we invest in this program will really earn and give you back. It took me also how many months to finish the task. And finally, I was able to generate income from wealthy affiliate.

This is a screenshot from the commission earned, this is just little yet this is a very solid proof that this program will really give you passive income while you are sleeping or even while you are on vacation, an internet connection will stop people will keep on looking at thing on the internet.

Another screenshot from my earnings as proof of my earnings.

I’m not yet earning a huge amount of income but as long as I keep on making post blogs, review and whatever it is, the quest will be answered, that you can earn money from wealthy affiliates.

BEST Affiliate Marketing Course? Start for FREE

Upon rating all the affiliate programs, there are still some pretty affiliate sites that offer also a good compensation plan. But with wealthy affiliate, you can earn up to 50% commission for your referral sales. Other affiliate sites also offer free account set-up with wealthy affiliate, you can also build your account free.

Decide Now To Become Wealthy Affiliate Member

You have the choice whether you go for Create Your Premium Account, this is very important and a huge decision to make, because this will determine which way you are going. If you act right now, you have a very positive future remember that the faster you go, the longer you go also.

Do you hate now your current job? I hope not, I will give you some pieces of advice, stay in your current job so that you will have income to pay your annual membership if you choose to pay your membership as premium member for yearly basis, you can also choose to pay by the month, but you cannot save money if you go on monthly fee.

In this business, Speed is the key. Don’t lost time, regularly visit your site if you have already made some website, take care of your website as you take care of yourself. Just like taking care of your Job. You have to regularly go to work every day. you have to visit your site now and then so you can make use of your time more wisely.


I don’t have the power to influence your decision, but if I have to ask, I would suggest that you have to take action and hit the free membership or premium membership guide now. the earlier you decide, the more things you can do the more time you can think about what strategy you will use to run your own business.

thank you so much for reading this post I hope I that I’m part of your decision making this time. If you have any concerns and if you need my help running your business. You can message me freely or leave a message below so that I can give you some guide and information on what to do.




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