Easy Step To Earn Your First Million Dollars–Simplified Steps

Easy Step To Earn Your First Million Dollars--Simplified Steps
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The fact that all of us today is going through pain caused by this pandemic we experienced worldwide. Not only that, but it also cripples the worlds’ economic status, to the point that ordinary citizen like you and me was the victim of this unseen enemy.

Millions of people around the world now crying for help, crying for agony because they lost their jobs, lost their loved ones, and most of all don’t have even the assurance that after this what we called “New Normal” not sure of getting a very decent job.

Our economy is no longer healthy at this moment, we don’t know when is the exact time that our world’s economy will regain its strength. Now the question is, were you not frightened about this scenario? Is your daily living not affected by this global treat?

Source: https://audusd.us/

This is the actual Stock market graph of the United States of America. You can see that the result not quite not good for the world economy, as we know the worlds’ economy depends on how the US stock market performs.

But this is not the end yet, this virus has just started its activities, we don’t know what will be the future effect. But one thing I know, one of you reading this article has lost your job. Don’t worry, because in this Easy Step To Earn Your First Million Dollars–Simplified Steps, we will be dealing with ways how to find a solution to this problem we are facing in today’s life’s battle.

COVID is not Helping the Economy

It turns out that this COVID pandemic is crippling our economy and this is not acceptable to our daily living, our governments are prohibiting us to live a life that we usually used to do. We are even deprived of our rights, but what can we do to help our government end this pandemic is, to follow what the government said. When we are told to stay at home, we have to do it and that’s the only way to stop spreading the virus.

To some, they think that this is the end of their carrier and the end of the world. But to the opportunist, they believe that this is the right time to make use of the time wisely to find an alternative solution to this problem. Since we are not allowed to go to our normal living, we have to innovate, we have to look for the best amid these crises.

Job That Needs No Training

There are numerous jobs you can find anywhere, yet, it takes time to take extra caution. You can either choose to be a teacher online, transcriptions, online tutor, and anything under the sun, but this all demands a lot of time. One of the most liquid jobs online that I can highly recommend is an affiliate marketing job. I know you are familiar with Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, and other e-business entrepreneurs who are very successful in their field of business.

In this kind of business, you just need a little time, maybe one hour a day, of you can choose either you have to spend the whole day doing research for your business. Let me tell you this, success in every business takes time. If you think you will become an instant millionaire once you do this business, this is not the business for yours. As an affiliate marketing, this takes time, but, the moment your business becomes fully rooted, you will harvest the fruits of your labor for a lifetime.No Training is Needed

What advantage you can get in this kind of business is passive income. and this is a lifetime. Prove me I’m wrong when you apply for a job, the first thing that the interviewee to ask you is what University you came from, and all the qualifications that the employer is needing from you.

Friend, affiliate marketing job needs no doctorate degree and other mastery. You can become somebody when you will do this business. All you need to do is know how to communicate. and that’s it. As long as you know how to do that, you are into this kind of business.

The only thing you have to do is to look for a very concrete business platform that will help your dreams realized. I was in this business for quite a time now. and I can attest to you that this will give you financial freedom. all you need to do is to be open-minded. and of course, you have to look for a platform as I have said that will help you do this business.

Jobs That Needs No Qualification

If you apply for a job in a corporate world, one of the best assets you will have to be sure that you will be hired is your educational background, the field of expertise, experience, and other training. You have to be highly qualified so that you can get the attention of Human Resource and the Hiring panel. Mind you, I was in this committee for how many years, and I know what is the hiring process.

What I tell you above are the indicators that you will be accepted for the job you are applying to. And of course, your grade and the scholastical record are one of the most significant assets for you to be accepted with the position you are applying. But as affiliate marketing, you don’t need to show those qualities. There is no need for qualification for you to be accepted in this job.

How To Start My Business Online

Starting a business online takes a lot of considerations, there are issues that you have to consider before you start making a decision. For a newbie and even for a veteran online business entrepreneur, you need ample time to ponder what things need to be considered.

Factors you need to consider in building a brand.

1. Correct domain name. Correct selection of domain names will give you a bright future.  Why do some beginners in this field of business fails it is because of the selection of the appropriate Domain name, remember that you are making a brand?  It is important to choose a short and easy to remember the name.

2. Green Leafy Niche.  niche is one of the most important aspects of an online business.  choosing the wrong niche will lead you to a slow traffic movement on your webpage.

3. Easy to Navigate.  Your design should be easy to steer, with a good search function.
4. Correct and Reliable Platform.  Success in online business depends always on how you will organize is your platform.
5. Best Marketing Strategies.  Marketing strategies are one of the most important aspects of this business.  unclear marketing strategies will only lead you to distraction.

There are lots of factors you have to consider, but I only wish to give you this top 5 very important aspect of online business.  You may wish to add some of you want to.  I was in this business for quite a time but most of the reasons why some of those who try to engage in this business failed was because they did not put everything into the right perspective.

Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

If you search for the best affiliate platform online you will get lots of the result. But the next question then, is this affiliate platforms help me as new to this industry? Can these platforms fulfill the promise they have? There are hundreds of affiliate marketing website that offers very good training for those who wants to become an affiliate marketing. But you have to be very careful in choosing who they are, some have a very good promise in their advertisements, but the moment you will go to sign in. All of those sweet promises were broken.

If you will going to ask me what recommendation I can give you. I will give you my platform that offers very detailed training for a beginner or even those experience affiliate marketing members. My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate has already produced hundreds of thousands of very successful affiliate marketing entrepreneurs.

Some of this earning 6 figures and even 8 figures, this is because Kyle and Carson the owner and founder of Wealthy Affiliate prior to building this website were in this business for quite a time. Wealthy Affiliate exists in the market for almost 14 years from now. and they have huge experience when it comes to making money online.

How to Sign-Up With Wealthy Affiliate

You can choose what type of membership you like.  You can sign up as a Free Member, or a Premium Member.  With Free membership, you can build your 1 free website, but this has limited access to the Wealthy Affiliate community. If you choose now to become a premium member, you can choose what payment mode to choose.

Benefits of A Premium Member

You have unlimited access to the platform once you are a premium member. You can also build more websites if you would like.

As I have said Wealthy Affiliate has been in this business for 14 years now. Once you will become a premium member, you can access the 24/7 helpline. Plus, you can communicate with friendly affiliate members that are very willing to help you.


The only way you can change your destiny is to take action.  If you want to have financial freedom in the near future, you have to move to the next phase of your life.  The only thing that hinders our success is ourselves.  If you don’t take action today, your future will remain the same.

If you take action today, this will change your future forever.  Sign Up now as Free Member and have a tour of the Wealthy affiliate system.  Or if you want to start building your Website. Sign up as Premium Member now.

If you want to work for yourself, check out my#1 recommendation on how to build a business. You’ll learn everything you need to know about setting up a business. You get a website, hosting, training, 24/7 support, and some pretty awesome tools.

Ready to Start Your Own Online Affiliate Business? 

I Join Wealthy Affiliate Business, Zero experience.  I don’t know even a single language on how to set up my website, I have a lot of worries in that case, but all of those questions were answered by Kyle, all the pieces of training was provided so that you can start to build your website and become functional the moment you click your desired website.

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