Declining Jobs in 2022–Forecast Before COVID-19

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Before COVID-19 became pandemic around the world, it has been forecast already that there will be jobs that are no longer needed in the business world. Bad news for those who are not ready for their second income giver business. And Good news also for those who already started their business in this community.

Whether we like it or not, this scenario will really happen for the next years to come. According to the World Economic Forum, this job will decline soon.

Here’s the List of The Job

a.Data Entry Clerks
b. Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Clerks
c. Administrative and executive Secretaries
D. Assembly and Factory Workers
E. Client Information and Customer Services Workers
F. Business Services an Administration Managers
G. Accountants and Auditors
H. Material-recording and Stock-Keeping Clerks
I. Postal Service Clerks.

This is the data taken from the list based on the forecast of the business analysts. If you are in this kind of job listed above, I guess it the right time to start looking at the positive side in your life, it’s not yet too late to change course.

Anyway, this is still a forecast, but if we will try to analyze what is going on in our world due to this pandemic, the new normal is no longer become the usual normal what we have experience that we can freely find a very good job in the business community.

Good thing We are in this community, Wealthy Affiliate. According to the forecast of the analyst, The only work or job that won’t stop is the marketing person. Is this good news? Absolutely, this is good news for all of us wealthy affiliate members. We have to build our business empire while these things are soon to come.

As I see these things, all the list above, this workforce will be replaced with robots. Robots are not so costly, less maintenance, productive, and no sick leave. What do you think? Would these things really happen? Let us try to learn more in this Declining Jobs in 2022, is this forecast will really happen?

Best Job for 2022

Working with the crowd is no longer advisable for the new normal. And wearing a mask will become the daily practice of every human being around the planet earth whether we like it or not. We do not know when this pandemic ends or would this become the world’s history that people could no longer work normally. As we have discussed above, I am afraid that these things will really come.

I don’t know when, we don’t know how, but things will be no longer normal for the new normal. But the good news is if you know how to type, or promote a product online or sell products online, you are the luckiest person in the world. The list below will tell us of the emerging jobs in the next two years to come, but the question is are you ready to become one of them, and join this program?

Here is the list of the works available in the next 2 Years.

1. Data Analysts and Scientists

2. AI and Machine Learning Specialists

3. General and Operations Managers

4. Software and Application Developers and Analysts

5. Sales and Marketing Professionals

6. Big Data Specialists

7. Digital Transformation Specialists

8. New Technology Specialists

9. Organizational development Specialists

10.Information Technology Services

Horry, to the one whose field of interest was in the list above. And you know what? this career opportunity is to become the hit job for the years to come. I just want to open up your mind, if you are that person whose job in danger for the next two years to come, you will still have a lot of opportunities if you will just widen your area of opportunity, you have all the opportunity.

This time is the right time to think about what job will you choose among the top 10 jobs that are needed for the next two years. but for me, if you will going to ask me. As a Master In Management, I would suggest that you will be going to choose number 5 on the list. This is the job that you can earn hundreds of thousands or even millions of income if you just know how to start your job right this time before these things will happen.

Sales and Marketing is the most feasible job as I have seen in the years to come. All you need to do is to take action, plan ahead of time and prepare for the worst thing to happen, tell me if I’m wrong if you take action today, you will be blessed in the next two years to come.

How To Start it Right?

I will strongly suggest to “TRAP” a mentor. Finding a mentor is the hardest work to do this time. why? All of them are busy including me. so, if you have time right time, trap him or her today, do not wait for the days to come. As I have said, these people are busy. Why is it important to have a mentor? because these guys are already top calivers and experts in running a business. They have all the ideas you need to run also your business. It’s, good to copy what they are doing, but it is best when you have their time quality time.

The second one is, Learn Hard. We are sent to school by our parents for us to learn hard, not just by compliance but to learn hard in our studies right? so as in business, we have to learn and study hard how to run business. The reason why almost 90% of those who start a business fails because they don’t know what they are doing. Same also in life, why we sometimes failed? Because we do know to give value to the time we have to learn from our mistakes.

We are given each of us a very intelligent machine by our Creator, and that is our brain. Why there are many poor around the world because they are contented with what they have. Most of the mistakes we keep on repeating are time-wasting. We waste our time spending it with things that are not vital for our survival. Why the rich become richer? because they use their time wisely. They’re not satisfied with what they have, they keep on looking for an opportunity to become richer.

Money Mindset

What is your money mindset? are you satisfied with your earnings today? are you satisfied living a life that is full of debts? I don’t think so you love that. Guys, if you change that money mindset, I’m very sure that you will improve for the next year to come. Exhaust your energy to look for that opportunity.

When I was a child, my wish is to own a bicycle. But the time that I have a bicycle, my desire becomes bigger, I dreamed again to have a motorcycle. So, I bought a Motorcycle. But the moment that I have a motorcycle, I wished again to have a Car. I know, that the longer we live in this world, the more our desires become bigger. Why I am driving you to this scenario, because, I want you to open your mind to find opportunity.

The third is to WIN FAST. Guys, I like this. We are living in a world that is full of competition. The moment that we are conceived by our parents and until today. We live in a competition. The stronger will always win. let us win fast. No time to delay. if you decide to look for another job or means to earn extra passive income, do it today. Don’t wait for next year. Time flies fast.

If you want to succeed in life, you need to work hard and work fast. Success Loves Speed. We cannot apply turtle and rabbit race here. We should be like a rabbit if we want to succeed in life. The Fourth is, Build Solid. It’s always been said that if you want to build a skyscraper of success, you have to build a very solid foundation. this is really true. In business, we have this 5M’s Man, Money, Machine, Material, and Money. without this, We will not become successful in business.

Success Framework In Wealthy Affiliate

I know you know of a very successful affiliate marketing guy like Pat Flynn, Carson, Kyle, and other successful bloggers. What is their secret? Their number 1 secret? are they apply the 4 important things I have discussed above. To tell you honestly, they also start from scratch, they build their business 10 years or even 15 ago. And through the process of time, their business becomes bigger and bigger.

But what we have seen, is just the tip of the iceberg. What we see is the massive result of the effort they put into their business, their individual mastery. But if we try to dig deeper, you can see the bigger picture underneath. they have the collective capability, they gather all the ideas and put it together to make their business become bigger. Most of all, they know how to lead. To become successful in each of our business. we need to possess a leadership capacity. Without this, our organization is in danger.

A successful online business needs a very solid foundation. I can guarantee, if you will choose Wealthy Affiliate as one of your success partners, you will be assured of success. I was an affiliate marketing for 1.5 years already. I have the result and I become successful, because of the pieces of training that I have learned in this community. Remember, the promising jobs for the next 2 years is Marketing professionals. you can start it from here. You can build your future with us. When I started my online business here, I come empty, I don’t have any idea how to start a website. But thanks to the pieces of training I learned from Wealthy Affiliate. I was successfully building my website,, and you have all the support, together with friendly community affiliates that is very kind and willing to help you.

Why do You Need to Start to Build your Online Business Today?

Whether we like it or not, things will never become normal for the next years to come. I know you are one who will become afraid of going out to join with other people whom you do not know. If you build your website today, the next 2 years and 5 years, you will be somebody from nobody.

If there is a good time to start your business, today is the best time to start building your online business. Don’t wait for tomorrow. I was once also hesitant to start my dreamed online marketing business in 2018 it took me months to decide, but I regret, I wasted so much time. Start, now, and enjoy the rest of your life, where you have all the time for your family. time for your dreamed vacation.

Once you start your online business promoting the product through your website, the money will come whether you like it or not.

What is your Advantage Choose Wealthy Affiliate?

I’ve been from another online platform, but all the promises were made to be broken. After they got your membership, you can not find the promised help they have put in their promotions. But at Wealthy Affiliate, once they say it they mean it. As long as you will going to follow that daily task and training, you will become successful.

Wealthy Affiliate has two different types of membership. If you want to have toured with the system, you can sign-up as FREE STARTER MEMBER, but if you also want to make this business as your main source of income, you can sign-up as PREMIUM MEMBER.

If you will going to make this business seriously, you can have a lot of opportunities in this business. Wealthy Affiliate has the best training around the world.

Just to give you an Idea, upon writing this post, I have earned $47.00 as my income this day.  If you have to count months and years, the more years to come them more income you will earn.

Not bad, I did nothing but just following what the pieces of training tells me to do.  If you are planning to make this as your lifetime business, I am very willing to be one of your personal couch.

If you want to work for yourself, check out my#1 recommendation on how to build a business. You’ll learn everything you need to know about setting up a business. You get a website, hosting, training, 24/7 support, and some pretty awesome tools.

Ready to Start Your Own Online Affiliate Business? 

I Join Wealthy Affiliate Business, Zero experience.  I don’t know even a single language on how to set up my website, I have a lot of worries in that case, but all of those questions were answered by Kyle, all the pieces of training was provided so that you can start to build your website and become functional the moment you click your desired website.

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