Amazon Is Falling Down

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I’ve been in the business service industry for about 13 years now. In this industry it is very important to maintain a good relationship so that you can get the market share if not lifetime at least you will able to maintain the customer trust.

Once you betray or destroy that relationship, it takes time to gain them back. It’s hard to gain the trust once again. As business institution, I know that as much as possible we have to pampered all the customers as much as possible. And I guess the move that the amazon is doing is not healthy. This is will really pull down your income imagine 60% plus of your income will be lost? Stay tuned. In this Amazon Is falling down Review I will be expressing how disappointed I am with the moves of Amazon.

Affiliate Marketing is the Right Arm Of Your Business

In the case of Amazon, this will be a great impact for the business, if not pull their sales for the next year of operation, but, I’m sure, this will truly give pain to the business. Affiliate Program contribute a lot of success to the business, this affiliate guys are the one working 24/7 making quality product review just for you AMAZON to generate sales.

I know you are with me when I say we burn candles just to product a very relevant and promote the product effectively. I’ve been making product review for Amazon for more than a year now helping them to generate income, and to tell you honestly, Amazon did not pay us any penny for these sacrifices we have made.

The 24-hour Cookie Policy

I’m sure that if you are looking for a certain product online, you can not decide immediately to purchase that item, it will take you 3 days, a week month of even a year before buying that product you are planning to buy, this is due to the fact that we don’t have cash the moment that we scout for a product.

Yet, the moment that we decided to buy the product, it is too late for you, for me as affiliate marketer to earn a penny with your sweat and tears you put on to that product review. Who benefits your hard labor? Amazon right?

Is the justice serve to you?

I can tell that this is injustice in our art as promoter. Amazon did not put any value on the effort we are doing. Internet business is a cycle business. Me, as a buyer won’t be able to buy the product if there is no one promoting it online. Kyle is right there are tons of Fake Reviews online. But as at Wealthy Affiliate, we are making quality and honest review of the product we are promoting.

What Amazon right now is focusing is the suppliers they have. They give more importance on their supplies, that this guys without you without us, will be having a hard time to generate sales online.

Wrong Move

I guess you already get the point of what I am talking about. This is really a torture for us affiliate marketer. We are forgotten by amazon, I am not saying that we are much important that their suppliers. But for me, We are also important because we are the one helping the business to move.

I’d like us to understand, that this move is a bad move. We are now given less priority by the company. And maybe, its time for us to slowly take out the amazon links in our promotions. Kyle is correct, and let’s just follow what he said. Let us not put all the eggs in one basket. But as much as possible, let us take out from amazon basket our eggs.

Until, such time that this issues won’t be settled. This is a weak-up call to all of us here are wealthy affiliate. Its time for us now to find a greener pasture, the grass at Amazon now is slowly dying. If we remain in this pasture, We will all die, and amazon will benefit our decomposed quality product review.


Of all the days of my life as Amazon fun, this is the very first time that I make a negative comment, although amazon has done many good things to the affiliate marketing people, but his kind of move they did will really give negative conotations to all of their business partners. I am not telling again that we are much more important than the rest of the amazon’s partnet but, I guess we are the most exploited partners in this community.

What do you think? Please put your comment below. God bless Wealthy Affiliate. if ever you want to start building your business online, I will help you build that dreams, I want to help you succeed in online business. If you are looking for a flexible work schedule and a way to build your own business, check out my #1 method for building an online business. You’ll get plenty of tools, 24/7 support, a website and hosting and incredible training.


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